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Rural Property Finance and Farm Loans

Rural property finance is a specialised type of funding, which many lenders and brokers lack knowledge of. At Fuss Free Finance, we can connect you with every type of lending, including that for development and construction in rural areas. We also offer low doc rural property finance services for those who can prove income and assets, but might not have all the complex paperwork available to them currently.


Some lenders will not look at homes in small rural townships and if your property is on the outskirts of town, or on a large block with only a few acres – you could be in trouble. Ring us or fill in the quick enquiry form and we will call you to discuss your requirements for rural property loans.


Whether your security is a working, hobby or lifestyle ‘farm’ property, Fuss Free Finance has lenders who may be in a position to assist you. Over the years we have assisted every conceivable rural-located property from plantations through to stock and dairy farms – and even some land used for sand and mineral mining. Call Fuss Free Finance to discuss your property requirements.


Commercially located rural properties cause some lenders to panic, but at Fuss Free Finance we have funders who will consider all locations. If your commercial premises are located outside the metro area call Fuss Fee Finance to find out if we can assist with either your purchase, refinance, or equity release requirements.


Whether you have vacant land used for agistment, land banking, cropping, growing orchards or grazing, we have lenders who are willing to lend against this type of property. Depending on where it is located and the proposal you have, financing and low doc rural property loans are available.

So whether you are purchasing, refinancing, requiring an equity release, or are seeking a cash out – call today on 1300 131 876 to speak with our rural specialist. To see if you qualify for a loan, simply fill in either the quick contact form or loan inquiry and let us see if we can help you.

How can we help? Call us now on 1300 131 876 to discuss your loan or complete our enquiry form and we’ll call you back.

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