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Types of Loans that We Have Available at Fuss Free Finance

If you are looking for a loan, chances are that we have the perfect loan for you. We are able to offer a wide variety of loans here at Fuss Free Financing, including caveat loans, first and second mortgage loans, short term loans, bridging loans and everything in between. To get started, simply call us at 1300 131 876

We specialise in Private Loans at Fuss Free Finance

“Private Mortgages” – often referred to as solicitors’ loans – have been common in Australia for over a century and via Fuss Free Finance you now have access to a network of solicitors and many individual investors Australia wide – if you have a commercial, rural or specialised property (e.g. squash court, vacant land, farm, car wash etc.) that the institutions (banks, building societies etc.) won’t touch and/or no tax returns to support a loan and require land financing then a Private Mortgage may suit you. Second mortgages and Construction loans are also available under this category.

We Offer Caveat Loans When You Need Money Fast

Bank let you down? Great business opportunity but no time for a month long mortgage loan? Bridging or Top-Up finance suddenly needed in a hurry? Caveat Loans are available when you absolutely need SETTLEMENT IN DAYS NOT WEEKS! As you probably want to get on with it rather than just read about it call 1300 131 876 NOW!

Second Mortgage Loans mean you don’t have to refinance!

You have a great facility with a bank but you need more funds for home improvements or an investment BUT the banks won’t come to the party. Other companies will suggest a complete refinance but here at Fuss Free Finance we may suggest a second mortgage loan – that way you keep your low rate bank facility for the bulk of your borrowings and get the money you need by way of a second mortgage loan that sits behind your bank mortgage. call 1300 131 876 and let us see if second mortgage loans are the way to go for you.

Short Term Loans Can Come from Fuss Free Finance As Well

When you are in a situation where only a short term loan will do, Fuss Free Finance can help to get this loan going in no time. These types of loans are perfect for those times when you need money but only for a brief period. Here at Fuss Free Finance, getting a short term loan to you is extremely simple and we can usually help you out no matter what your financial situation may be. We specialise in loans of all types and when it comes to short term loans, we can get the money to you FAST!

In need of Bridging Loans? Contact Us TODAY

If you are tired of waiting on the bank and need a bridging loan while you are waiting to sell your home, don’t delay…give us a call today on 1300 131 876. We are here to help you get the bridging loan you need quickly and easily without all of the red tape, frustrations and rules that banks often have.

Low Doc Loans at Fuss Free Finance

“Non-Conforming” loans also known as Low-Doc loans are a relatively new facility offered by mortgage originators (companies that buy money under trust deeds and on-sell to borrowers) wishing to address the self-employed market – those people well able to afford to service a mortgage loan but unable to prove it – usually as a result of minimising tax. As a rule these lenders deal only in first mortgages (for second mortgages see solicitors’ loans above). Line of Credit and Construction loans are also available under this category.

So when you need a loan, don’t just go to ‘one of the big four’ – there are other lenders who rival the large banks and if you are seeking ‘more’ from a loan, call 1300 131 876 and let us see if we can better what you may have already been offered – after all you have nothing to lose but could gain a improved facility and/or a lower rate………call us today.

….How can we help? Call us now on 1300 131 876 to discuss your loan or complete our enquiry form and we’ll call you back.

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