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Fuss Free Finance assist the many professionals that have clients who need ‘specialist’ lending products and advice. We have an extensive network lenders – non-bank lenders, private funders, boutique mortgage banks etc. that enables us to provide the right solution for those proposals the ‘traditional lenders’ cannot assist with.
If you are a mortgage an accountant, solicitor, business consultant, buyers agent or financial planner – even a mortgage broker who requires specialist assistance to satisfy your client’s needs then call us today – accreditation is not a requirement to helping your clients!

Alternatively you or your client can fill in either the quick inquiry form on this page or complete the loan inquiry form and we will call you to discuss the matter more fully.


If you know someone requiring finance but do not wish to be involved in the actual transaction simply provide us with a name and contact details and we will do the rest. Should the matter settle we are happy to pay you a ‘spotters’ or “referral’ fee.

Client retention

Fuss Free Finance recognises that you may well have spent a lot of time and money investing in your both obtaining and retaining clients – just as we have in fostering our lenders and private investors over many years.

In order to protect each parties ‘investment’ we are happy to enter into a reciprocal agreement with introducers whereby we warrant (a legal promise) that we will not directly approach your clients/applicants that may be disclosed to us in the normal course of an engagement by you, whilst you warrant not to directly approach any of the solicitors, investors or other lenders disclosed to you in the form of conditional loan approval letters etc. by this firm – now or in the future.

If one of your clients calls us directly in an attempt to bypass your office in order to avoid payment of fees they will be directed back to you – this is our promise to you. In return we expect that should you or your clients require similar loan facilities from one of our funders that you only came to know due to past dealings with this firm that you direct inquires via this office and not go direct.

Click here to download the non-circumvention and non-disclosure agreement for your execution and return to this office should you wish to act as an introducer to this firm.

….How can we help? Call us now on 1300 131 876 to discuss the above or complete our quick enquiry form and we’ll call you back.