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Home loans, Full Doc, Low doc and No Doc/Equity loans

If you are buying a residence whether it be your first home or purchasing an investment property or refinancing your current loan we can assist you in finding the best option suited to your needs to save you money and provide to you the features that your circumstances require.

Full Doc

Although we are specialists in low-doc and non-bank lenders it doesn’t mean we don’t have full doc loan products that more than rival the ‘Big Four’. If you have a clean or near clean credit record and can provide proof of your ability to service a loan then call us at Fuss Free Finance so we can offer you a full service product at competitive rates.

Low Doc

Here at Fuss Free Finance we specialise in assisting the self employed. Often in business you have genuine disputes that can ‘impact’ on your credit record and then you are penalised by the banks. In addition many of our clients are businessmen who have assets and income but perhaps because of tax minimisation schemes etc. are unable to prove adequate serviceability to banks because their ‘financials’ bear little or no resemblance to their real income.

Fuss Fee Finance has access to many non bank lenders who look ‘outside the box’ so if you ‘relate’ to the above then call us for a free assessment of your circumstances – you might be surprised at what can be achieved when you have an experience on your side.

No Doc /Equity lending

Sound good? Of course – but like everything that sounds too good to be true: it usually isn’t! The new responsible lending laws require all lenders to consider your ability to service a loan and see proof that this is the case. No longer is it a case of ‘swapping your equity in property for money’ . Sorry but the days of no doc equity lending are long gone………… or are they?

If you are requiring funds against property that you are in the process of selling you are allowed to borrow the interest (capitalisation) and/or get ‘cash out’ over and above any mortgage you may be refinancing. Typically needed when down-sizing, between homes or simply requiring ‘equity’ release (cash out) these loans are for short periods only and do not flout the anti ‘asset stripping’ laws if structured correctly. So if you are in the above situation and cannot prove serviceability perhaps we can still assist you. Call today to discuss your particular circumstances and perhaps you qualify for a no doc equity loan.

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