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Specialising in Low Doc Construction Loans and Land Loans

Construction Loans

Many lenders and brokers will be unable to assist you with this type of specialised funding, including land loans. At Fuss Free Finance, however, we have access to funders for every type of land, development and construction funding.

1. Standard Draw Down

Advances for residential, commercial and industrial construction projects through Fuss Free Finance are available subject to sighting the usual planning/building permits, stamped plans, and fixed price building contracts. Owner Builders are also accommodated by some of our funders, but in the absence of a fixed price building contract would require a full schedule of works planned including all materials, suppliers and costings.

Advances are usually based one of the following basic funding models:

  • 80% of hard and soft costs (most traditional lenders work using this model)
  • Two thirds of end value excluding GST (most private and solicitor loans use this model)

2. Joint Venture

As an alternative to the above, Fuss Free Finance offers joint venture funding often to 100% of hard and soft costs, with a percentage of project’s profits going to the joint venture partner – usually around 30%. By being reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses (land and development costs etc.) and paying no interest payments during the period, developers are able to go onto the next project because their funds are not tied up during the current development.

3. Development Land

Prior to beginning construction and approaching a construction lender, which requires stamped plans, permits, fixed-price building contract and sometimes pre-sales, the land must be obtained and that often requires financing as well. Fuss Free Finance has access to low doc construction loans from non-bank and private lenders who will fund the initial purchase of the land. In addition to land loans for developers interested in securing land for the purpose of sub-divisional purposes and the provision of services (roads, utilities etc), we have lenders that include joint venture funding for this type of project.

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